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November 18, 2015



Great points and thanks a lot to mentioned these great points in this post.

Here are some points that i also would like to mention here- 1) Include customer reviews
2) Make it easy for customers to contact you, get a quote or sign up for email.

Nick Baggott

Absolutely - I totally agree with you. Thanks for the comment

Charles Wattson

Companies should provide consistent digital experience in order to build trust with the consumer. Companies should also measure how consumer feel about a product or service.

Nick Baggott

I agree Charles, great point


It is important for customers to feel that a company cares about them. Nobody wants to be just means for money earning, but everybody likes to be a person. We usually treat every customer like a king. With the help of Zvonokla crm system we see the history of communication with him and know how to handle any situation

media pembauran

how about website news, Nick ?

mary JOHN

Good to read this type of blog great points & tips thanks for this post....................

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